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WWE reportedly has no creative plans for Elias

There are several people on the WWE roster for who the company doesn’t have creative plans for but one person who seemed to be getting a fresh coat of paint was Elias.

However, these days it looks like whatever was in the works for him has been scrapped.

WretleVotes previously reported that Elias had somewhat changed his look with new tights but Vince McMahon did not like that he looked too similar to Randy Savage.

Ringside News later reported that Elias was spotted backstage in December and he had a clean shave and shorter hair.

Ringside News reported today that Elias is currently in “creative purgatory” and sources indicate that his name is not coming up at all.

If WWE plans on bringing him back to TV then it seems like he won’t be back before WrestleMania since it wouldn’t make sense to use him now if he’s not booked for a Mania match.

The last we saw of Elias was several months ago when WWE aired “Elias is dead” vignettes, which seemingly point to him getting a new name.

Another name that has been stuck in limbo is Veer Mahaan.

WWE has aired vignettes for him for months but there’s no sign that he will be returning to the ring before Mania.


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