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WWE Elimination Chamber: Kurt Angle reveals planned role for huge match

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has revealed the role WWE had planned for him at Elimination Chamber.

It was widely reported around the Royal Rumble that the former WWE Champion had held talks with WWE about a return to the company in an on-screen role.

Those plans were later nixed by WWE, but Angle has gone into the role he was set to be given on a recent episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast.

During the show, Angle confirms the previously stated report that he was set to work an angle with RK-Bro and Alpha Academy but denies any talks about being booked for WrestleMania.

In fact, he’s short run was set culminate at Elimination Chamber on Saturday, right in the middle of the tag team feud.


“There are a lot of rumours going around that I was supposed to be booked for WrestleMania 38, which is not true at all.

If you saw the posts, a lot of people thought that I was talking about WrestleMania when I was talking about what I was going to do at the Royal Rumble and have the program for a few weeks.

Then the blow off would be in Saudi Arabia, where I would referee the match between RK-Bro and Alpha Academy.”

Those plans were ultimately scrapped and a match between Raw Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy and RK-Bro didn’t make the card – believing it is now possibly being saved for WrestleMania.

Instead, Riddle was one of the competitors in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, won by Brock Lesnar.

If Angle had been part of Elimination Chamber, it would be his second appearance for WWE in Saudi Arabia.

The Olympic Gold medallist had previously competed at Crown Jewel in 2018, where he lost to Dolph Ziggler in the quarter-final round of the WWE World Cup.

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