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WWE 2K22’: Release date, pre-order deals and which wrestlers will be making an appearance

WWE 2K20 was poorly received when it was released in 2019.

The game was met with numerous technical issues and some users even struggled to access some of its game modes.

Now after a brief hiatus and a slight detour with WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the professional wrestling series is returning in March 2022 with WWE 2K22.

2K games have made sure not to repeat the same mistakes of the past, bringing with the upcoming title a suite of new features, including a highly requested manager mode.

In addition to a revised gameplay engine, a new control scheme has also been implemented as well as updated graphics and immersive presentation.

We’ve got all of the details about WWE 2K22’s release date, pre-order deals and which wrestlers we can expect to see make an appearance below.


When is ‘WWE 2K22’ being released?

WWE 2K22 will be released on 11 March 2022 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, consoles, Playstation consoles and PC.


How to pre-order ‘WWE 2K22’

WWE 2K22 will retail for £64.99 for Xbox series S/X and PS5 and £59.99 for Xbox One and PS4.

The game can be pre-ordered from Amazon (£64.99), Game (£64.99), and Smyths Toys (£59.99),

There is also an exclusive deluxe edition available from Game (£84.99) that includes the base game, the Undertaker character pack, three days of early access, a season pass for all future downloadable content and an additional playable version for cover star Rey Mysterio.



In an official announcement trailer, WWE 2K has confirmed that the cover star for their next release will be Rey Mysterio, arguably one of the most recognisable faces (or masks?) in professional wrestling.

As the cover star, players will be able to take control of Rey Mysterio in showcase mode and relive some of his most iconic matches through WWE history.

Other legendary wrestlers who are set to make an appearance in WWE 2K22 can also be spotted in gameplay segments in the trailer, including the Undertaker, John Cena and Drew McIntyre.


What new features will be available in ‘WWE 2K22’?

As well as featuring an updated game engine and updated control scheme, 2K22 promises to bring a new suite of features that are a first for the franchise first.

In “MyGM” mode, players can take on a management role and draft wrestlers and book matches as well as “MyFACTION” mode that will see players control a wrestling stable and “MyRISE”, where players can create their own wrestlers and promote them from rookie level to legendary status.

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