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Vince McMahon was among the names pitched to be Retribution’s original leader

Retribution started off as a big deal during the summer of 2020 as it was the closest angle in years since the Nexus, which got fans excited about the potential of the group, but despite all of the chaos, it fell apart.

The group started off wrecking the WWE Performance Center inside and out but turned into just another group.

The group was made up of several NXT stars such as Dominik Dijakovic (T-Bar), Dio Maddin (Mace), Shane Thorne (SlapJack), Mercedes Martinez (Retaliation), and Mia Yim (Reckoning), but they were all under masks. Eventually, Mustafa Ali was revealed as the leader.

Shane Thorne talked about the group during an appearance on the Two Man Power Trip podcast.

Thorne started off by noting that his theory as to why the group fell apart was due to the timing of the angle as WWE was running with a limited roster at the Performance Center, but as time went on, WWE moved to the ThunderDome and the top stars started to come back to television.

Thus, he felt that McMahon got back to playing with the big stars instead of something new.

He mentioned that they pitched for names such as Shane McMahon, Edge, and Vince McMahon to be the original leader of the group.

“ So, that was the thing, we kept — we pitched ideas to have a lot of different people as the leader.

We wanted Shane McMahon or Edge or just someone higher, as high as possible, we went as high as possible. We pitched for Vince to be the leader as well.

We went as high as possible for who the leader would be. So, we wanted to be attached to one of the main characters and I guess at the start, we were.

We were doing stuff with Bray Wyatt and Hurt Business which you know, was [Bobby] Lashley so…”

The group eventually split up last year. Martinez, Thorne, and Yim have since departed from WWE while Dijakovic and Maddin are still under contract.

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