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The Big Show’s body transformation is still one of the most dramatic in WWE

Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show in WWE, has undergone an incredible physical transformation over the past few years.

The wrestling giant has seriously trimmed down and now boasts a ripped physique which he has showcased to fans via his Instagram page, where he has documented his weight loss.

Standing at 7-foot-tall Wight is best known for his size, during his WWE prime he weighed in at a monstrous 500lbs.

However, the former WWE World Heavyweight champion is much lighter these days, and looks far more shredded as a result.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet back in August, the current All Elite Wrestling Dark: Elevation commentator revealed the extent of his weight loss.

“I got as low as 370lbs. Right now, I am at about 408 or 410 and I’m still keeping it low.

“Covid and the pandemic put a big hit in the training and stuff like that. Now that things are starting to work I am getting things back together.

“It’s fun, you know how to get there, so it’s about gearing up and getting there again.”

The 50-year-old also revealed that, alongside a new training routine, the key factor in his journey has been perfecting what he eats.

“‘Get your diet in order, then make the commitment to get your cardio in,” he added.

Having made his debut all the way back in 1994, the wrestling legend has clearly been making the most of his added downtime at the tail end of his in-ring career.

His most recent match was on the October 23 episode of Dark: Elevation, where he defeated Arjun Singh, Charlie Bravo and Cole Karter in a three on one handicap.

Alongside his duties as a wrestler and a commentator for AEW, Wight is using his 28-years of experience to guide the next generation of stars.


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