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The 5 Strongest Wrestlers of All Time

It’s not always easy to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. Whether wrestlers follow the script or are technically off-script, the world of professional wrestling provides plenty of entertainment for fans.


Mark Henry is the most powerful wrestler of all time. He is a two-time WWE world heavyweight champion and one of the greatest African American wrestlers of all time. Mark Henry dominated the weightlifting and powerlifting world from a young age due to his sheer strength, perseverance, and dedication.

Mark Henry was 5’5 and weighed more than 200 pounds by fourth grade. Henry’s mother spotted his potential when he was ten years old and bought him a set of weights.

Mark Henry had improved his upper body power by his freshman year and could comfortably squat up to 600 pounds. Mark Henry created history in the early 1990s by not only winning the National High School Powerlifting Championship, but also setting the adolescent lifting record.



Bill Kazmier is the second strongest wrestler of all time, famous for his catchphrase “I am the strongest man to ever live.” Bill Kazmier, like Mark Henry, had a great powerlifting career before entering pro wrestling.

Bill Kazmaier not only won three World’s Strongest Man championships, but he also equaled or surpassed a number of previous strongmen’s records.

Bill Kazmaier’s dominance in the strongman category was so outstanding that the organizers didn’t see the need to bring him back in the years after he won three titles in a row.

Bill Kazmier wrestled for the WWF and Stampede for a short time, but his professional wrestling career took off when he signed with WCW.

Bill Kazmier not only has a commanding physical presence, but he also has a commanding mental presence.


3. Big E

Despite his status as a key component of the tag team division, Big E still competes in singles fights on occasion. Big E had a more strong and slender figure since he was a child, which helped him excel in sports, particularly football.

Big E began to powerlifting after graduating from college. Big E had a bench press of 529 pounds, a deadlift of 799 pounds, and a squat of 711 pounds as a powerlifter.

Big E competed in his first professional powerlifting tournament at the United States Open Championship in July of 2010.

Big E was so dominant at the event that he managed to shatter all four Florida Powerlifting Records at the time, as well as equal the national deadlift and squat records.

Big E won the USPAL Raw nationals the next year, smashing both the raw national and American deadlift standards.



Andre the Giant suffered from Acromegaly as a youngster, which caused an excess of growth hormones to be secreted. His hands and legs increased substantially in size as well, in addition to getting incredibly tall.

Andre the Giant’s hands and fingers became so large that he had trouble dialing the phone or writing with a pencil. Andre the Giant settled for sports before eventually resorting to professional wrestling after failing to pursue his passion for music or serve his country.

Andre the Giant was a dominating wrestler who did not shy away from manhandling opponents in the squared circle.

Wrestlers like King Kong Bundy were frequently compelled to leave the ring when confronted with the world’s eighth wonder.


5. John Cena

John Cena, formerly known as The Professor of Thuganomics, is a professional wrestler who is known for his upper body strength, mental toughness, and resilience. He is one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time.

John Cena, a first-generation superstar, began his professional career as a bodybuilder before moving on to professional wrestling.

John Cena is simply a wrestler who carried an entire franchise on his shoulders for several years. He is a 16-time world champion and a 5-time United States champion. Despite always giving his all for the organization, John Cena was frequently the target of severe criticism from a small portion of the WWE Universe.

While some fans complimented him for his hard ethic and promotion abilities, others did not.

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