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The 5 Greatest WWE Matches of All Time

We’ve seen a lot of memorable matches since pro wrestling became national and international. Matchups were not shown on television prior to this, thus there may have been lots of classic matches that we missed out on.


1. Stonecold Steve Austin vs The Rock

This bout was all that all professional wrestling fans had hoped for, as it was a no-disqualification contest. Austin represented the WWE Universe’s will, while The Rock represented the authority’s will. Both wrestlers brought their “A” game, resulting in one of the most exciting matches in professional wrestling history.

Austin won the match at the conclusion of the night after landing a knockout on the Rock thanks to Folley’s intervention. While both The Rock and stone-cold helped put a bow on WrestleMania XV, it was still a pivotal moment in their professional wrestling careers.

However, there is one condition. If you plan to re-watch this match, keep in mind that wrestling matches at the time did not have many elaborate entrances.


2. Undertaker vs Triple H

This was an old-school brawl between two seasoned wrestlers, as one might anticipate. Traditional wrestling tactics are rarely used here. Open fists, chair shots, pedigrees, and tombstone pile drives are all there is to it.

Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee, did I mention that? This was one of those matchups that you didn’t want to come to an end.

The match was also held inside a steel cage, which was the frosting on the cake. In the past, Triple H has never lost a match in which Shawn Michaels was the guest referee.

The stakes for this match were exceedingly high from the start. In the end, The Undertaker wins the match with one more tombstone pile-driver.


3. Bret Hart vs Stone Cold

Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin finally met, with Ken Shamrock as the special guest referee. The two wrestlers began trading blows as soon as the bell rang.

Despite the fact that they started the match with such a fast pace, the two wrestlers kept it up throughout the match. As this was a genuine old-school match, each wrestler took their time attacking the opponent with their preferred weapon.

Despite the fact that Stone Cold lost the match by submission (he did not tap out), the two wrestlers put on a fantastic show that many in audience will never forget.


4. John Cena vs CM Punk-Money in the Bank

Unlike most of the matches on this list, Cena vs Punk got off to a slow start. However, as the game proceeded, it gathered traction.

The match had a lot of near falls, with each wrestler serving at least three of them. Vince McMahon eventually became irritated and asked the referee to ring the bell.

Cena, on the other hand, did not want to win the bout in this fashion. This minor hiccup ultimately cost Cena the match, as Punk took advantage of the uncertainty and won.

Punk was not only the new WWE World Champion, but he also had the company exactly where he wanted it.


5. Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramo

Rather of using the ladder to get access to the belts, these two wrestlers began to use it as a weapon. Michaels and Ramon did everything they could to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, whether it was throwing the ladder directly at an opponent or jumping on top of a ladder for a frog splash.

Both of these wrestlers had accumulated a tremendous amount of wrestling experience, which was evident during the match. What made this match unique was the fact that these two wrestlers had a history together.

Michaels and Ramon had wrestled against each other not only in the WWE, but also in the Central States Championship Wrestling. Shawn Michaels’ foot is stuck in the hole giving Ramon the chance to climb up and pick his first belt.

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