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Roger Federer calls his wife Mirka the ‘Rock of his life’

Roger Federer’s wife Mirka Federer who celebrated her birthday on the 1st of April, recently got a heartfelt message from her husband on her 43rd birthday.


The couple met during the 2000 Summer Olympics on the Switzerland team after having just started their tennis careers having turned Pro in 1998. Mirka had a meeting with tennis legend Martina Navratilova in 1987 at a tournament who suggested the 9-year old Mirka to try tennis and later sent a racquet for the young Mirka and arranged her first tennis session.


Mirka turned pro in 1998 but her career was short lived due to her consistent foot injury and had to forcefully retire in 2002 due to not being able to recover from her injuries. She however turned manager for her then boyfriend Roger who was just bursting onto the scene sacrificing her career and helping the young Federer, a story Roger always mentions about his loving wife.


Talking about his wife on her 43rd birthday, Roger said, “My wife has been a rock in my life, she has been there, gave me consistency.” The couple married in April, 2009 and are parents to 4 kids, 2 twin girls born in 2009 and 2 twin boys born in 2014.


Talking about the pillar of strength and support his wife has been Roger said, “When I met her at 2000 Sydney Olympics I had zero titles, now I have 103″. Roger has always maintained his stand of being successful just because of Mirka’s sacrifices early in his career when she also had a career at her hands.”


Mirka who was the manager of Roger since 2002 gave up her role to take care of their kids but has always been with her husband at all his tournaments, supporting and cheering him from the stands at all his games.


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