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Rafael Nadal: “False humility is useless”

Despite the fact that everyone had given up on Rafael Nadal due to his precarious physical condition and the fact that he had only played a few games since returning from a foot injury, he gradually worked his way into the Australian Open draw until he forced himself to victory with a masterful feat.

The Spaniard elbowed present and future tennis champions such as Matteo Berrettini and Daniil Medvedev, struggling with all his might even when the latter appeared to fail, with dedication, persistence, and a spirit of sacrifice.

The Mallorcan may have benefited by Novak Djokovic’s absence (given that Roger Federer has been absent for some time), but winning the twenty-first Grand Slam of his career in a precarious physical and athletic state is only bread for the victors.

The Australian Open victory also made Nadal, along with Novak Djokovic, the only player in the Open era to win every Grand Slam more than once, and remarkable results like this continue to appear even as the game progresses.

“False humility is futile,” Rafael Nadal says.
Rafa Nadal himself provided the answer to this question during a press conference on the sidelines of the event. The most important item is his academy’s health program: “It’s necessary to have actual inner humility, not phony humility, recognizing that things aren’t always nice, and that terrible moments are better tolerated.”

One of the reasons I’ve been able to keep playing tennis so long is because I’ve tolerated both success and failure equally. Nothing is so large or that horrible; there are good and bad times in life. You must maintain an emotional balance.”

“I always say and believe that everything can be improved, and days like today help us achieve it, sure,” Nadal said, emphasizing the necessity of adopting a healthy lifestyle, which influences every element of everyday life.

A greater understanding of the things we require It is especially important to be able to appreciate life. However, without health, it is impossible; this is reality.”

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