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Paul Heyman thinks Roman Reigns is WWE’s greatest box office attraction, says Undertaker isn’t given enough credit

Paul Heyman, Dana Brooke, and Sonya Deville did interviews with The Zaslow Show on AM 560 Sports WQAM (Miami) to promote WWE WrestleMania 38. The following was sent to us:

Paul Heyman Rundown

–  Realized he wanted to get into wrestling when he was 10-years-old; Was attracted to larger than life personalities; Was doing everything in his power to not have a real job; Fascinated by the art of creation from nothing and seeing it play out in front of audience

–  WrestleMania:  Brock Lesnar vs The Tribal Chief; Doesn’t see it as a trilogy fight but rather everything before The Tribal Chief as a prelude; Considers it more a four-night affair with SmackDown and Raw

–  Says Roman Reigns is the WWE’s greatest box office attraction, has stepped into the future everyone predicted he would step into 10-years-ago

–  His favorite storyline is the one post-WrestleMania to follow what he says will be Reigns’ victory

–  The Undertaker entering HOF, everyone looked to him for guidance, not enough credit goes to The Undertaker for presence in locker room, working with him early in his career and seeing his magic and leadership

–  What would a fan have to do to be out of line: Saying racist or misogynistic statements, especially near children

–  Sports talk: Follows the Yankees because he says it pisses everybody off, says basketball is fake, and is not a fan of the cold so doesn’t follow hockey

Dana Brooke Rundown:

–  She’s busy living life like a champion with Ulysses Diaz (her MMA fighting boyfriend)

–  Having the 24/7 Title and now being featured; Manifested it back in November; Traveling with the belt, shares story about a gate agent telling her she couldn’t take bag containing belt onto the plane

–  What it’s like watching Uly fight and vice versa

–  WrestleMania being two nights; The Undertaker entering the HOF, getting to wrestle with his wife in Royal Rumble

Sonya Deville Rundown:

–  Performing in Saudi Arabia as a female and member of the LQBTQ+ community was “Super, super special”

–  Her current character, how it organically happened

–  Summer Slam with no crowd vs with a crowd; If she’s ever rattled by crowd: Loves the pressure, the high stakes, being under the spotlight

–  WrestleMania two-night event: Her dream is a singles match at the event, but says she has a lot of business to attend to

–  What her travel week looks like; Says there are days where you want off but that’s when discipline kicks in over motivation, have to have certain level of dedication

–  First time she met Vince McMahon: She was surprised by how down-to-earth and cool he is because he’s the owner of a billion dollar organization


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