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Shocking!! Novak Djokovic row exploded as Serb told he should be ‘thrown the f*** out of tennis’

Novak Djokovic stated this week that he is willing to give up titles to avoid getting the Covid vaccine. After a 10-day struggle with Australian officials and the country’s administration over his visa, Djokovic was unable to compete in the 2022 Australian Open last month. Before the event, the world No. 1 men’s player was forced to leave the country. “I was never against vaccination, but I’ve always backed the ability to choose what you put in your body,” he told the BBC this week.

When asked why he will skip future events, he replied: “Because the principles of decision-making on my body take precedence over any title or other consideration.

“I’m attempting to be as in tune with my body as possible.”

Djokovic’s anti-vaccine position drew widespread condemnation, and American radio personality Howard Stern recommended last month that the Serbian be “thrown out” of the sport.

“That f***ing Djokovic,” he said. “What a f****** jerk.”

“All I know about this person is that he refuses to receive his immunization.” They should kick him out of tennis immediately. That is all there is to it. Goodbye.”

Djokovic “may be lying” about being sick with the virus, according to Stern.

“You should be out of tennis,” he added. He is unconcerned about other people.

“Keep your distance from other people. That’s akin to claiming that smoking is a personal choice. That is correct. But, f***nut, don’t smoke in my face. What a moron. I’m just a big, obnoxious tennis player.

“I’ll speak tennis with you if you want to talk tennis.” Apart from that, you should keep your mouth shut.”

Djokovic apologized for breaking Covid guidelines by attending an interview despite knowing he was infected with the virus in a BBC interview last week.

On December 18, he was interviewed by the French publication L’Equipe and also took part in a photograph.

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