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Novak Djokovic reveals one thing he refused to sign in contract with his agent

Novak Djokovic has revealed a suggested contract condition that he refused to accept when he signed with his representation. The tennis player admitted that there was something that generally emerges in such transactions as a safety measure, but he refused to agree to give up something he “loves.”

The Serbian boasts a slew of tennis records, with only Rafael Nadal in the men’s game having more Grand Slam singles victories.

On top of his tennis prowess, Djokovic, like many other players who excel in their industry, has a penchant for other sports.

Skiing is one of his favorite pastimes, and his family enjoys it as well.

Because of the dangers that skiing can provide, many contracts involving athletes forbid them from participating due to safety concerns.

However, Djokovic has stated that when he signed with his representation, he refused to allow any such clause to be inserted.

“I enjoy skiing,” the Serbian stated while addressing at the Expo 2020 Serbian Pavilion.

“My father was a skier and also my uncle and aunt are from a skiing family. I grew up on the mountain and it is actually where I learned to play tennis.

“I know a lot of people think skiing is dangerous and a lot of athletes actually have to have in their contracts – forbidden to ski.

“But I told my agent that I love to ski and won’t have that in my contract.”

it is perhaps useful that he has had access to one of his favourite recreational activities, considering his tennis career has been put on hold in recent weeks.

Djokovic was a high-profile absentee from the Australian Open in January, after being deported over a visa issue and his vaccination status.

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