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Jeff Hardy: Why he turned down WWE Hall of Fame 2022 induction

Jeff Hardy was offered a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, less than two months after being released by the company.

It was reported in January that WWE had contacted Jeff Hardy about bringing him back into the company, despite releasing him in December.

Hardy was released by WWE after turning down rehab. The situation came to a head after Hardy appeared sluggish at an untelevised house show.

Despite leaving WWE in the manner that he did, WWE contacted Hardy about a potential return, asking if he’d consider being inducted into the Hall of Fame.



This news has been confirmed by Matt Hardy, who explained why Jeff made the decision to turn down WWE’s Hall of Fame request.

Matt explained that Jeff asked WWE if they’d be inducting him as a solo act or as the Hardy Boyz, with WWE saying it would just be Matt.

Upon hearing that he wouldn’t be inducted with his brother, Jeff turned down the offer, as Matt explained on his latest Twitch steam:

Longest story short, they offered him to be inducted into the 2022 Hall of Fame.

“Jeff asked ‘so you want to induct me into the Hall of Fame?’ And he said ‘well let me ask you, I know you guys have spoken with AEW.

Is this going to be the Hardy Boyz? Is this myself and my brother Matt?’ And they go ‘oh, no no, no, no.

We can’t get Matt.

He’s under contract at AEW.

You know, it would just be you.’ And Jeff said ‘well, that’s a hard no.’ He definitely stood up for the team of the Hardy Boyz.”

Jeff Hardy is expected to join his brother Matt in AEW at some stage over the coming months, rather than make a return to WWE.

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