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Former WWE star Jeff Hardy: “I’m going to AEW, I’m so excited”

The rumors about Jeff Hardy going to AEW have been confirmed.

Hardy confirmed the news on the “Official Jared Myers” YouTube account. The interviewer says this took place at one of Hardy’s recent concerts and it was meant to be “more of a talk” than a serious interview but Hardy knew that he was being filmed.

You can hear Hardy talk about it in the clip below. The audio is hard to hear but it’s clear that he says, “I’m going to AEW, I’m so excited.”

Hardy’s jump to AEW has been speculated on for weeks and there have been hints of this on AEW TV.

Jeff was released in December by WWE after management felt that he was acting “erratic” when he jumped the guardrail at a house show.

Hardy stated that he did not do any drugs and drug test results that came back several weeks later confirmed this.

WWE reportedly reached out to Hardy to see if he would be interested in returning and being inducted into the Hall Of Fame but both offers were reportedly denied.

Hardy would be free to appear on AEW TV in early March and it looks like a reunion with Matt on national TV will be happening very soon.


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