You are currently viewing Djokovic’s paradox: He could be unable to play at home

Djokovic’s paradox: He could be unable to play at home

Despite the fact that he lives in Monaco, Novak Djokovic has been informed by the Masters 1000 in Montecarlo that he must comply with French health standards in order to compete in the tournament.

The final list of Masters 1000 competitors will be released on March 14, with the draw taking place on April 8.

The French government initially stated that Djokovic would be able to compete in Roland Garros in January, but later clarified that he would need to be properly vaccinated.

“If he meets the French government’s health requirements, we’d welcome him,” said Zeljko Franulovic, the tournament’s director.

“He has to line up; as far as I know, he hasn’t been vaccinated.”

The competition was postponed in 2020 and contested behind closed doors in 2021, but it will reopen this year from April 9 to 17.

“The first rule of entering France is to be vaccinated,” Franulovic stated.

“The ATP procedure also allows you to submit a certificate stating that you had the disease one month prior to the season’s start.”

Novak is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
He may compete after testing positive on December 16 in Belgrade, Serbia, because France allows four months after a positive test.

Apart from Djokovic, Franulovic is claimed to have said that every athlete he has spoken to has been vaccinated.

It comes after the Serbian was deported from Australia after attempting to compete in the Australian Open in a contentious dispute.

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