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Brock Lesnar: Wardlow explains how a match with “The Beast” will go.

Wardlow recently went on the Battleground Podcast to discuss who his dream opponents would be in the professional wrestling world.

Wardlow discussed on the Battleground Podcast a few names in the wrestling world whom he would love to stand across from in the squared circle.

Unfortunately, Wardlow described that any real “dream” opponents are now past their time, however, he did mention a few of the biggest names in pro wrestling that he would love to come face to face with.

The top of his list was none other than Kenny Omega.


Wardlow described Omega as: “the ultimate dream opponent”.

Omega is currently out of action in AEW and hasn’t been seen in action on AEW television since he lost the AEW World Title to current champion Hangman Adam Page at Full Gear.

A match between Wardlow and Omega would be a match up that is probably inevitable for the future.

Wardlow’s next comment created a buzz in the wrestling.

It is evident that Wardlow has been on WWE’s radar for some time now and he made it clear that a dream opponent for him would be Brock Lesnar.


Wardlow described a match with Brock Lesnar as:


“If I ever found myself in the same ring as Brock Lesnar, that has money pouring out of it. I think me and him would just murder each other.”

Wardlow talking on Battleground Podcast

The two goliaths could eventually meet somewhat down the line if Wardlow was to switch to WWE, who knows what the outcome would be if these two men collide.

Wardlow’s main perception when describing a dream opponent is to take down anyone who believes that they are “The Best In The World”.

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