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AJ Styles says shock Raw star could be one of the greatest of all time

AJ Styles has compared his former tag team partner to a WWE great and claimed he could be one the greatest of all time.

Styles hired Omos as his own ‘Personal Colossus’ in October 2020 and the pair went on a run that saw them capture the Raw Tag Team Titles from The New Day at WrestleMania 37.

They remained champions for 133 days, with AJ acting as a mentor for Omos, before the pair lost the straps to RK-Bro at SummerSlam last year.

They remained a team until December, when Omos finally turned-on Styles during a match with The Mysterios.

A week later Omos defeated The Phenomenal One, kicking off a singles run that Styles believes will be one to remember for the 27-year-old Nigerian.

Speaking to BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani, AJ said claims that Omos could go on to be one of the biggest names in the industry and compared him to WWE legend Andre the Giant.

“He could be one of the greatest superstars ever. He could be just like Andre The Giant. He’s bigger than Andre, I think, I could be wrong, I never met Andre.

He’s a massive human being.

To have him stand in front of you, you have to see it to believe it. He’s not a goofy giant. He’s a very smart individual.”

Styles speaks highly of his former tag team partner and believes the run they had together helped the 7ft 3’ star develop, but adds the time was right for them to spilt, to allow Omos to learn how to be WWE superstar on his own.

“I thought, ‘here is an opportunity for me to help this young monster develop and be someone unbelievable one day.

It was exciting at first when we were tag champs, but then there was a lot of times where we were spinning our wheels based on what we were given and the parameters in which we could do it.

It did make it difficult.”

“It was a good time to end it. He needs to be able to learn to do it himself and there is only so much you can explain to someone.

Until you’re doing it yourself and you’re learning as you go, it’s guys like Kurt Angle who are able to learn so quickly because they were in the ring with so many other great athletes that they develop so quickly.”

AJ was in action on Saturday night as he competed in losing effort in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match.
With WrestleMania on the horizon fans are hoping to see the two-time WWE Champion possibly mix it up in a dream match with WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

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