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AJ Styles: Five possible fresh feuds for re-signed star

AJ Styles committed his future to WWE this week by singing a new multi-year deal with the company.

Earlier this week Fightful reported Styles had signed a new deal with the company, worth around $3 million a year, and joins Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in committing his future to WWE.

With the Phenomenal One set for a prolonged stay in WWE, Fandom looks at five possible fresh feuds for the two-time WWE Champ.


All signs are pointing towards a WrestleMania showdown with The Rated R Superstar – a match that AJ has been consistently lobbying for in WWE.

Twice in the last few weeks Styles has gone on record to state his desire to face the Hall of Famer in what many would class as a dream match for WWE fans and judging by Edge’s promo this week on Raw, it’s very much on the cards.

During his monologue Edge dropped a number of hints to who could face in him in Dallas, and while there were obvious nods to Cody Rhodes and Damian Priest, the idea that he wants a ‘phenomenal’ opponent at WrestleMania would suggest the match is almost an exciting formality.

Finn Bálor 

It’s hard to believe that AJ and Finn have been in WWE as long as they have and are yet to work a meaningful program against each other.

We’ve has small snippets, namely their last-minute outing at 2017’s TLC event where AJ was a replacement for Finn’s match against Bray Wyatt, but we haven’t seen these properly explore the rich history they have together.

Obviously, some of that Bullet Club-tinged backstory WWE wouldn’t share, but they’d certainly allude to it and their previous dealings outside of the WWE bubble. Add that to what would be a grade-A showing inside the ropes, then you’ve got yourself a ready-made must see feud for both men.

Austin Theory 

From backstage segments with Vince McMahon to sharing the final stages of the Elimination Chamber match with Brock Lesnar, there’s no hiding that WWE is all in on Austin Theory.

What better step in his education then, then to pair him up with one of the very best do it between the ropes and somebody who’s still as good as the rest.

WWE could play up on Austin being the future of the company and Styles the veteran, with Theory trying to get in his head to question if AJ has ‘still got it’.

The rub it would give their new pet project would be ideal and as we’ve already seen with Grayson Waller, Styles has no issues with nursing the next generation.

Bobby Lashley  

It feels like Lashley and Styles have spent a lifetime of just missing each other when it comes to battling inside a wrestling ring.

At AJ’s TNA height, Lashley was exploring avenues in the MMA world and by the time he’d hit Impact, Styles was finally making waves in WWE.

Even when they’ve been part of the same company, their paths have rarely crossed.

However, coming out of WrestleMania (and with injuries healed-up) both will find themselves on the same brand with no immediate plan in place, so why not get it on. The clash of styles (no pun intended) between AJ’s high-octane dynamism and The Almighty’s brute force would make for intriguing outing and one we haven’t seen before.

Bron Breakker 

The go to card for every list going forward, such is the excitement around Bron’s WWE future. We’ve already seen AJ dip his toe into NXT 2.0, giving the rub to Grayson Waller in their mini feud at the start of the year, and the idea him returning to the well once again is mouth-watering.

The NXT Title is the one belt missing from AJ’s WWE CV and while the idea of a ‘main roster’ guy coming in and taking the strap away from the NXT roster is never a popular call, done right in the context of a feud with Breakker, it could do wonders for his profile. That is if we don’t see Bron make the step-up to Raw beforehand, where the WWE roster – including AJ – is his oyster.

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